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    Technical Details

    • external dimension: 240 cm x 360 cm, height 260 cm
    • sauna for: 5-6 people
    • panelling, floor, facade: Scandinavian spruce A
    • benches, backrests, stove cover: abachi
    • number of windows: 2 (width 70 cm each / tempered glass)
    • very good insulation of walls, floor, ceiling – wall cross-section: 15 cm, floor cross-section: 23 cm
    • single-pitched roof covered with corrugated trapezoidal sheet metal, flashing of the roof crown
    • electric stove: Narvi NM900 9kW (mechanical control)
    • internal doors: glass, tempered glass, graphite (clearance 60)
    • external door: glass, tempered glass, graphite, lockable (clearance 80)
    • electrical installation and lighting points
    • fuse box
    • Bryza gutter system at the back of the building

    PRICE INCLUDES: complete sauna ready for use on the day of delivery. The cost of transport is determined individually.

    We sell and equip an outdoor sauna all year round.