About us

We are a young, dynamically developing company that builds Finnish saunas. Currently, we operate on the Polish, German and Scandinavian markets. Our offer includes the construction of outdoor saunas and ready-made indoor saunas. We feature high quality of workmanship and materials, modern design, competitive prices and exceptional speed of delivery of the finished product.

Our saunas are ready-made products, however, you can personalize them not only in terms of the type of wood, the lighting or the selected furnace, but also the size, amount of glazing or room layout.

Our team consists of carpenters with over 15 years of experience in the construction and design of saunas for leading companies on the German market. The experience translates into advanced knowledge, thanks to which our saunas are quickly available, elegant, carefully finished and have up to 36-month quality guarantee (door to door).

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