Helsinki – garden sauna for those demanding premium materials!

elewacja pionowa w saunie

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    Technical specification

    • external dimensions: 255 cm x 400 cm, height 260 cm
    • dimensions of the sauna room: 255 cm x 199 cm x 210 cm
    • sauna for a maximum of 6 people
    • wainscoting, floor, walls: Thermo Kytte Thermory® aspen
    • facade and floor: STS4 Thermo Kytte Thermory® aspen
    • benches, backrests: Thermosys SHP 28×90 aspen
    • pine façade, Thermo technology
    • COB LED lighting (top class)
    • windows: tempered glass 52/102/52
    • very good insulation of walls, floor and ceiling – wall cross-section: 15 cm, floor cross-section: 23 cm
    • single-pitch roof covered with trapezoidal corrugated sheet metal, roof crown flashing
    • Dexon sound system
    • LED lighting
    • electric furnace with Huum Hive external controller + Huum Uku WiFi controller
    • interior doors: glass, tempered glass, graphite, closed with a latch (clearance 60)
    • electrical installation and lighting points
    • fuse box
    • Bryza gutter system
    • It is possible to modify dimensions and settingsCONTACT US

    THE PRICE INCLUDES: a complete sauna ready for use on the day of delivery. The cost of transport is determined individually.

    WE SELL AND INSTALL OUTDOOR SAUNAS ALL YEAR ROUND. We deliver saunas in Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.